Expert Advice For Playing Slot Games

Play slots, and you’ll likely notice how important it is to pay attention to more than just winning and losing . There’s more to slots than money, and even more to it than history. You have to know the rules, be patient, pay attention to the scatter symbol, watch for the special symbols, watch for bonus symbols and features , play safely, play with friends, and play at the best time.

All of these tips are important if you want to maximize your chances of winning and having fun playing slots .

1 . Know the Rules

Before you step inside a casino or place an online bet, you should know the rules of the game . You aren’t just going to randomly throw your bets at the game without knowing the rules. Instead , you should study each game carefully; its rules, payouts, and special features.

Look for a game with a payout rate that is higher than its home casino’s average payout rate . Also , check to see which games have special features and bonus symbols.

After you have a handle on the rules , you should learn to play the slots regularly . The more you play the better you’ll be at playing slots.

2 . Be Patient

You must be patient if you want to win the slot gratis. After all, if you play too many spins at once , you won’t win as much money as you could if you play fewer spins at a time .

Most people play the slots because they are impatient, hoping they can win big right away . However , patience is the master key to winning the slot machines.

If you keep playing long enough, you’ll eventually hit a jackpot . People win big jackpots at slots all the time. However , you can’t expect to win right away.

Don’t expect to win big money every time you play slots . Instead, aim for small wins that you can afford to lose. When you lose , don’t get discouraged.

Be patient and keep playing . Eventually , you’ll win something substantial.

3 . Pay Attention to the Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are what really set slots apart from regular casino games . Unlike regular casino games that have a predetermined outcome , slots have a special symbol that often determines the outcome.

When you see a scatter icon on the reels, that means there are additional games on the board . There are usually three scatter icons on each reel , and each scatter icon triggers a separate bonus game.

It’s important to pay attention to scatter symbols because you never know when they’ll appear , and when they do they appear frequently .

The best thing to do is mark the locations on the reels where the scatter symbols appear. Keep this in mind when you’re ready to press spin .

4 . Watch for Special Symbols

Sometimes the bonus symbols or the special features in a slot machine are the most important things to watch out for. This especially holds true for progressive jackpot slots .

Many people think progressive jackpot slot machines are rigged , but this isn’t the case at all. Progressive jackpot slots only work if you play them right .

When you land a bonus symbol or a jackpot symbol , you’ll activate the bonus features that will set you on the path to the progressive jackpot . If you play the bonus features right, you’ll have a very good chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win right away . Remember , the more you play the more you’ll get used to it, and the more you’ll understand how to win big at slots.

5 . Watch for Bonus Symbols and Features

The bonus symbols and the special features are what make slots so much fun to play. The bonus symbols often determine the payouts you’ll get when you land them on the reels .

Bonus symbols also trigger special games that give you more chances to win money. When you play the bonus features right , you can land a multiplier that can help you win more money .

It’s important to watch for the bonus symbols and the special features because they sometimes determine the outcome of an entire game .

6 . Play the Slots Safely

Playing the slots safely is just as important as knowing the rules , watching for the bonuses and special features, and practicing patience .

There are many risks involved with playing the slots . If you lose your money due to a slot machine malfunction or due to cheating , you’ll be upset and frustrated.

However, if you ignore these risks and play the slots safely , you’ll be able to enjoy a worry-free experience while you play .

Learn to read the slot machines before they let you play. If you don’t understand a complex slot machine , don’t play the machine .

Don’t play slots in a room where a lot of people are gambling or playing poker . This increases the chances of you getting caught when you play slots wrong.

Don’t play slots in a public place where you might get in trouble or are caught by a security employee .

7 . Play with Your Friends

Slot games aren’t just for adults anymore. Today , many kids play the slots because their parents bring them along to the casino or allow them to play at home in their rooms .

Playing slots with your friends is a great way to have fun and socialize while you’re gambling .

Playing in the casino with a group or with friends will also help keep you motivated and excited when you play slots successfully .

8 . Play at the Right Time

Slot games are fun , but it’s important that you don’t play them at the wrong time. If you play them at the wrong time, you risk losing a lot of money due to boredom or fatigue .

To prevent this from happening to you , choose a time when you know you’re going to be the most focused and attentive. Also, plan your trips to the casino or online casino ahead of time so you won’t waste time and money when you’re bored or tired .

Also , don’t play slots when you’ve had too much to drink or you’re tired. These conditions increase your risk of making mistakes and losing money from the machines .

9 . Don’t Bet Too Much at Once

The best way to gamble responsibly is to not gamble too much at once . Don’t play $100 worth of slots bets at once and walk away a winner. Instead, start by betting $50 or less , and then work your way up to $100 or more.

Remember, gambling is fun and it’s meant to be enjoyed; however , you don’t want to get addicted or lose money from the slot machines .


Jimmy Clark is a writer and a casino player. He also owns a casino site named He is also a traveler and a photographer at heart.