EU Head On Internet Gambling

Michael Barnier, the head of the Commission, published on Tuesday in the newspaper The Times of Malta an article, probably as a preview of the release of the European Commission of its online gambling action report.

The article titled “Make Online Gambling Safe”, explores in the European Internet gambling industry regulatory issues. The market is claimed by Barnier to be for the pastime the most rapidly expanding and the largest global market. In the EU it has nearly seven million users with the revenues of the industry expected to reach by 2015 EUR 13 billion.

“My belief is as the EU Commissioner put in charge of online services that the special nature and size of this market mean that its supervision and regulation must be efficient and in regard to the considerations of the society go hand in hand in order to avoid match-fixing and fraud in sport and protect customers,” writes the Commissioner.

“Because of the fast technological development, not only on computers is now available onlinbe gambling but also on TVs and mobile phones. In Europe are accessible around 15,000 sites. Unlicensed are over eighty-five percent. With them comes the possibilities of money laundering, fraud, and disorders related to gambling such as addiction.”

The EC consultation on internet gambling is being referenced by Barnier, last year carried out. He observed that although the governments of the nations share similar objectives in regard to preventing fraud and protecting customers, to the posed by online gambling on individual basis challenges they cannot effectively respond or regulate. Neither can they ensure high protection level from the unregulated online gambling risks that deserve each citizen of the EU.

He notices the lack of cooperation between the national gambling regulators. Its limited scope is also apparent, regardless of the fact that common challenges are faced by regulators and by sharing good practices they can learn from one another.

In the EU, for online gambling, a more cohesive policy hopes to foster Barnier, but at the same time observe the diversity and rights of national laws. Keeping all this in mind, casino lovers all across the globe are looking for legal casinos such as sbobet for a safer online gambling experience. 


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