Online And Offline Bingo Comparison

It would have to be said that bingo even in its crude form has been around longer than our computers. This most loved game goes back to the carnival days of using cardboard cards, black-eyed peas for markers and a cage with wooden numbered balls.

We all have to admit, whether a bingo fan or not it sure has come a long way since then. When you play bingo online on asianbandar, it is just as every bit as exciting as when it is played on land and has many great advantages, in fact in some cases more than playing on land. Here is a small comparison of the benefits of playing bingo in both land circumstances and online opportunities.

On land bingo

Bingo halls are no stranger to most inhabited areas, although some may be simply in the local church basement, while many others have their own buildings in a variety of sizes totally dedicated to the game of bingo. There are advantages and disadvantages to playing this game in this type of setting.


It is a great way to socialize. There have been many friendships that have evolved out of the weekly bingo event. Many players have been going to the same bingo location in their area for years, buying the same amount of cards, and sitting in the same seat. After a short time of this, it is no wonder that everyone gets to know each other and soon friendships are formed.

It is a cheap night out. That is if you want it to be. On-land bingo is one of those entertainment venues where you have control over the costs. For example, you can play very light by only buying a single strip of cards, or you can go all out and play 6 strips of cards. Everyone is getting the same enjoyment, it’s just some are increasing their odds of winning but at the same time increasing their costs.

The timing is perfect: Most bingo halls have their game nights scheduled so it allows the patrons to make standing arrangements such as babysitters, or transportation arrangements for the same time every week.


  • Weather can be a factor

Inclement weather can certainly put a damper on the fun. During stormy seasons on land, bingo attendance drops drastically. This means a big disappointment to those individuals who look so forward to their weekly bingo night out.

  • Having to socialize

Although we said socializing was a great advantage there are times it can also be a disadvantage. It can be a real drag having to get dressed and leaving the comfort of the house on some occasions. This doesn’t refer to the actual playing of the game, it is in reference to the preparation of “pulling oneself together”, perhaps after a hectic day.

  • Online bingo

There sure were a lot of happy people when the opportunity to play bingo started popping up all over the web. There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular forms of internet entertainment when you look at the daily increase of memberships at the numerous online bingo sites.


  • Convenient

Not having to get dressed and rush out to the local bingo hall to be sure to get your seat is a big advantage.

  • Timing

Online bingo means you can play when you want 24/7. If you can’t sleep at night, you can just get up, boot up your computer and head off to your favorite online bingo site.

  • Cost saver

Not having to pay for transportation or babysitters can pay for a few bingo cards at least.


Jimmy Clark is a writer and a casino player. He also owns a casino site named He is also a traveler and a photographer at heart.