Sic Bo Rules and Strategy

Sic Bo is a popular Asian casino game played with dice and you can also fancy your chances in this game on Prediksi Taiwan as well. The game dates back to ancient China and can be found in most land-based casinos however is limited in the number of tables available. That being said Sic Bo which can also be called Big and Small Hi-Lo, Dai Siu, and Tai Sai can be found at almost all online casinos to date. How to Play Sicbo

To play Sic Bo players will be placing bets on the outcome of the dice once they have been rolled. To place a bet you will see a wheel very similar to the Roulette table, you will then place a chip on the corresponding part of the table. Your payouts are based on the actual amount of your initial wager. The dice will then shake providing you with the end result is a winning combination or a losing one. In Sic Bo, you can place any number of bets although it is highly recommended you stick to the low and high bets. Although Sic Bo is a game of chance, there have been multiple studies done on the actual odds of the player and how to beat the house or at least try to. Sicbo Bets

For Sic Bo’s strategy, this falls on what kind of player you are. If you are a conservative low-risk player then the best advice would be to place bets that have the smallest edge which are the Small, Big, and Combination bets that have a 2.78% house edge or even money. This does not have the same return on your initial investment that you would expect but will at least prevent you from losing your bankroll quickly. A small bet wins if the total of the three dice is between 4-10, while a big bet means the dice must be between 11-17. 

The reason this is the best strategy is that the odds of winning these bets are almost 50% in your favor. However, if the role of the dice provides a triple which is three of a kind both small and big bets are lost. If you’re a gambler and want to risk more for a bigger payout, you can choose to place riskier bets which include triple bets. The maximum payout you can receive while playing Sic Bo is 180 to 1 by betting on three of a kind. Of course, the house edge is huge 216 -1 (6x6x6). 

What we mean by this is that for each time you make this particular bet you will statistically win once out of every 216 tries. If the three of a kind bet is a little too dodgy for you, you can easily opt for any three of a kind which still has some high odds of 2.78% and favors the house significantly, but still pays off very well if you are lucky enough to have any three numbers come up. A duo bet is when you wager on two specific numbers and will pay you 5 – 1. One of a kind is a bet where you choose only one number, the number must show up on any one of the three dice to pay you 1- 1. 

With a single bet, you still have the ability to win more with supplementary numbers appearing. So for example, if you choose the number 5 and your dice rolled a 5 1 5 you would be paid 2-1. The same thing will happen if you were to roll three of a kind except instead of receiving 180-1 odds you will only get 3-1. Sic Bo is a game of chance, there is not a lot of strategic plays you can make which is why unless you are willing to risk going bust you should bet with the even money bets.


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