Poker Compatability – Poker Sites For Various Operating Systems

Due to the large number of different operating systems and software applications used by poker players worldwide, it is important to find a poker site that is compatible with your OS. While the majority of poker players still use Windows, alternative operating systems are beginning to take a bigger market share.

You need to know about the compatibility of the Best Online Casino with the mobile phones and personal computer. These will provide the best experience to the gamblers for the playing of the games. The playing of the games is possible at home with comfort and convenience. 

In the last few years MacOS and various Linux distributions have become more and more popular. Because of this, many poker sites are now developing software to enable non-Wondows users to play online poker at their sistes. This page has all the information about the best poker sites for each operating system, as well as information about Flash poker sites and those sites that offer downloadable software, instant play and broswer based no download poker clients.

To find the site best suited to your poker needs, simply take a look at the articles listed below.

3d Poker Rooms

Home to many more recreational players, 3d poker sites are a nice change of pace for playing online poker as you can shuffle your chips, speech play and even throw out a few fake tells to put your opponents off.

Mac Poker Rooms

Many online poker players have turned to Mac Operating Systems and Apple Computers for their computer needs, and it has taken a while for online poker rooms to catch up to the trend. Here you will find the best places to play online poker if you are using a Mac.

Windows Poker Sites

We provide a brief history of the first online poker sites on Windows, as well as rankings of the best poker sites that are compatible with the various distributions of Windows including W7, Windows 2000, Vista and XP.

Browser Based Poker Sites 

Discover how to play poker using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other popular web browser, as well as getting recommendations for the top sites that allow you to play poker without the need for a download.

Best Instant Play Poker Rooms 

Players who have to choose a Flash version of a poker site’s software –whether it’s because of their operating system or some other constraint—will find everything they need to know in our list of the best instant play poker rooms.

Webcam Poker

Find out how to play online poker using a web camera that enables you to see your opponents at the tables. While still a new innovation there are now a few sites that offer this cool new quirky feature.

Best Linux Poker Rooms

Linux users have limited options when it comes to choosing a poker room that has a downloadable version specifically for Linux Operating Systems, so we have searched the web to come up with the following list of the best poker rooms for Linux users.

Best Downloadable Poker Rooms

When it comes to the full downloadable version of an online poker site some poker rooms offer a number of extra bells and whistles from 3-D graphics, to different language options, in this list you will find our choices for the best downloadable poker rooms.

Ubuntu Poker Sites

Ubuntu is by far and away the most popular Linux distribution in use today. To play online poker using Ubuntu, take a look at our list of the top 3 Ubuntu poker sites in order to get setup immediately.

Mandriva Poker Sites 

As the most popular Linux distribution system, this French based product has become extremely popular with French-speaking and Latin american users. Online poker players will have no trouble finding a Mandriva poker site due to the popularity of this OS.

Fedora Poker Sites

Fedora, similar to Mandriva, is a popular Linux OS that can be used to play online poker. Fedora users can play at almost any poker room by using their ‘instant play’ or ‘no download’ feature. If you wish to use their software client, it is more tricky, but absolutely possible using our dedicated guide.

Playing Poker In School is a popular pastime in-between classes. When an avid poker player has this spare time they would often like to play some hands rather than study. This guide explains how to bypass the colleges security features in order to let you play online poker at school.


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