Don-ts Live Poker Event – Know About The Event

Playing Live poker in a land-based casino is far from resembling a game session played with your friends. However, the moment you decide to go and have some fun in ‘the real world’ or take part in an online poker tournament, you should congratulate yourself – you just have taken an important step in obtaining the essential know-how of the game.

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The unspoken rules you just have to know!

As this is a new experience, you have to take your time and study the most obvious poker etiquette. Playing with other people than your friends, is totally different from what you’re accustomed to. So, in order to make sure you’re going to have a great night out, here are some things you have to consider.

Firstly, let’s make things clear – being a noob is normal, we all went through that phase at a certain time. What’s essential here, however, is to avoid letting the others spot you or your mistakes. Otherwise, you can be positive your competitors will speculate your weakness. Try to act normal, like you belong to the place and obviously enjoy your first experience. No matter how you take it – you’ll remember it, for sure!

How to avoid live poker gaffes

Have you ever attended a live poker event? If your answer is no – then you should read this beforehand, if your answer is yes – then you’ve probably made some newbie mistakes too. So be positive that next time you’ll avoid at least these ones.

Deliberately divulging information about your opponents

Making assumptions out loud is one of the most disturbing things you could do while playing live poker. Try to stay away from being too communicative or interrupt the natural course of the game with your stories. No one actually wants to pay attention to you when we’re talking about real cash games.

Trying to be the center of attention

Closely linked to number one, this is another blunder you should avoid doing at the poker table. From any point of view, you see this matter from, you should know to keep a low profile. Don’t try to be too vocal or gesticulate your speech, no one is here for that. It is true – poker is a social game, but, please, don’t go to extremes. How can this go wrong? You can unconsciously give tells to your opponents or even worse, not pay attention to the game. You’re here for the money too, right? If so, focus on being a pro and achieving your goals!

Acting out of turn

As obvious as this one is, you’ll be actually surprised to see how many poker players get distracted and act out of turn. And this is not all – their action slows down the rhythm of the game and it can also influence the decisions of the others. As a result, it’s obvious why this particular mistake is considered to be one of those serious ‘no-no’ rules you don’t want to break!

During your next live poker event make sure that these mistakes are not going to be part of your plan. By doing so, you have high chances to improve your game drastically. Even though it might turn out to be a little difficult for you, at first sight, get accustomed to the idea that you’re not going to win every round, instead focus more on spotting your mistakes and avoiding them in your next sessions…


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