Playing Bingo And Blackjack Online – How to play them


Two of the most popular games in today’s casinos are Bingo and Black Jack. You may have heard of Bingo since you were young. This game has evolved and today, you find online versions on the Internet. The same goes for Black Jack. If you are unfamiliar with the games, don’t worry about it. We’ll go into more details later.

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The Game of Bingo.

You may be interested to learn about how Bingo actually came about. Many years ago, this was a simple game that captivated the hearts of many people. It started out as a game that involved cards, dried beans and wooden chips that are marked with numbers. The chips are mixed in a bag. Every time a number came up, the players used the dried beans to mark the cards. When a row of cards were marked, the winner was rewarded with a small prize.

Perhaps due to its simplicity, this game has the potential to engage players very quickly. The modern version involves columns and rows. The numbers mark a position on the board. The goal is to cover one whole row. Whoever can do so is the winner.

Today, on the Internet, there are free Bingo games that you can participate in. That means you can enjoy this exciting game in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the thrill of shouting “Bingo!” when you win!

The game of Black Jack.

Black Jack is a game of cards. And the goal is to beat the banker with a better hand. A better hand means that when you add up all the points in the same hand, your hand must be bigger than that of the banker’s. But there is a catch. The rule is, you cannot exceed 21 points. The calculation of points is simple.

Every player starts with 2 cards. If you get an ace together with a picture or a ten, you score a win immediately. That hand is known as a Black Jack. Of course, if the banker gets a Black Jack, everyone loses.

The game continues if either you nor the banker has the luck to get a hand of 21 points with 2 cards. With the 2 cards in hand, you get to decide whether you want to draw additional cards, or if you have enough points. Remember, it’s you against the banker. Here is an example.

If you have a ten and a three, that adds up to 13 points. But it’s likely that the banker can get way over 13 points. If the banker gets somewhere between 14 to 21, you lose the game. So the odds are against you. Most players, in this situation, will opt to draw an additional card. You can keep drawing up to a maximum of 5 cards. Usually, before the maximum number of cards are drawn, most players would have stopped. That’s because they are either very close to 21, or would have gone over 21.

A player with cards over 21 is setup for failure. Unless the banker gets above 21 points as well, the player loses. Otherwise, it’s a draw. In other words, there is no way a player can win once he or she has over 21 points.


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