Strategy For Outside Bets While Playing Roulette

A lot of roulette players will often only bet on the outside bets because the odds are much better then betting on the inside. The payout is a lot smaller and the minimum bet is bigger, but the odds are a lot better on the outside then on the inside while playing roulette. Typically you will be able to bet $1 minimum online, but if you’re going to a land based casino be prepared to have to bet $10+ as a minimum on the outside bets.

When you bet on most of the outside bets you have almost a 50% chance of winning and the only reason you don’t have quite a 50% chance is because of the zeros on the roulette wheel. If you want to bet on multiple outside bets per spin then you can do so, although it’s recommended that you don’t bet on more then two typically. If you bet on two outside bets per spin then you will have a good chance of breaking even at least, but when you bet an odd number of bets such as 1 or 3 you won’t be able to break even on any spin.

Some of the outside bets on these poker sites like situs judi slot online  also pay a little more then the 1:1 bets as they pay 2:1, but the odds are obviously not quite as good. If you want to bet on them make sure you have a good reason such as you notice a pattern of high numbers and you think the next one is going to be a low number so you could bet on the 1st 12. This bet pays 2:1 if it hits and you have almost a 33% chance of hitting this bet.

One thing a lot of players do is they will just keep betting on the same bet until they win, but this will only work if you have a large enough bankroll. The way this works is if you bet on red to hit for $5, but it doesn’t hit and you lose you would continue betting on red, but each time you would double your bet. The second spin you would bet $10 on red so that if you win you would get your $5 back plus your $5 profit. If you have enough money in your bankroll then you can continue betting on the same colour and building and money slowly. It won’t help you win a lot of money quickly, but you can easily win $50-$100 daily by using this strategy if you have enough money.

If you’re a smart mac poker room player when it comes to playing roulette and you have a bankroll to back you up there is definitely money to be made playing roulette. The players who lose money playing roulette are the players who are just betting for the entertainment in hopes of winning. If you take the game into your own hands then you will typically always be able to make money pending you have a big enough bankroll with you. You will never really see the roulette wheel spin red or black 10+ times in a row so you usually won’t need to have a massive bankroll with you in order to make some money.


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