How To Beat Roulette In Three Simple Steps

A lot of the players are doing their best in buying a perfect roulette system to earn money as poker idn can be accessed online with ease. Buying such systems promises in delivering consistent returns beat roulette consistently and make the buyer rich. The reality does not match the hype of such systems and all such systems are destined to fail.

You can beat roulette but it won’t involve any buying systems although there can be more of the latter. You need to understand the mathematical system in order to see why it won’t work.

Roulette Systems

First of all, understand that the roulette wheel spins at random. If, for instance, the color red appears twice in succession, the possibilities for this number coming twice successively are very low. The odds of the number appearing in the next spin are not worse or great if the number had not come up in 1000 of 100500 previous spins, the odds will still end up to 50/50.

The spins from the roulette wheel are free from each other and have nothing to do with the previous history of the spin. The outcome of the spin is unrelated to each other. Roulette is entirely a game of chance.

The mathematical system that promises consistent returns in roulette is a contradiction in terms since you don’t have any consistent historical data. Mathematical formulas don’t work in this game. In mathematics, you must have some kind of divination of what will happen. The opposite is what usually happens in roulette and you will never know what will happen.

The Simple 1-2-3 Roulette System

Since roulette is a game of chance the best thing that a player can do is a wager on bets that have the least casino advantage and find the right kind of roulette table.

After you have done this you must do something to increase the odds in your favor. These are 2 simple steps that can help you defeat roulette.

First Rule: Play European

The version in Europe displays 37 slots with one 0; American versions have an extra slot with a 00 to generate 38. The house advantage would be 5.26% on the American table and 2.7% on the European. So just play European!

Second Rule: Do Away with Bets

This encompasses one bet since such bets have big disparities in your odds for payouts and success. Always do away with giving number bets; it has the least odds over the table.

Third Rule: Bets to Put

Use bets with odds that are near the payouts. The “even money” bets entail giving your bets on Odd, Even, Low (with numbers from 1 to 8), numbers from 19 through 36 for High, Black, or Red.

Such bets pay the odds of 1:1. With such bets, you will find that your odds for winning are 45% and this is a less risky way of betting.

Lastly, look into the European single-zero wheels that provide an ‘en prison rule. If you go for an even-money bet and the ball goes to zero, you will not lose your bet. Your bet will be ‘imprisoned’ and you can let it roll till the next spin.


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